Thursday, February 26, 2015

Supersized Wall Initials

Have you ever ordered something that came in a REALLY big box?  Given my love affair with online shopping, it happens here a lot.

Last year, when the boys were still sharing a room at the Dover house, I wanted to do something with their first initials over their beds.  Around the same time, we sold Xander's loft bed set and switched the boys to two twin beds because I thought it made their room seem less cluttered, thus making it more marketable.  Well, instead of going the traditional route of boxspring, we went with two of these instead. (Amazon affiliate link)

That left me with two large, flat boxes.  I saved one of them and decided to create GIANT first initials over the boys' beds.  Using a straight edge, I just sort of measured and sketched out my letters.  They are not perfect.  The E turned out better than the X.  Then I just used my razor knife (with a fresh blade) and my straight edge to cut the letters out from the cardboard.

Here they are all naked and freshly cut.

Once they were all cut out, I painted them with Folk Art craft paint, and mounted them with 3M strips above their beds.  They are safe and secure with those since they weigh next to nothing!

Then we moved, the boys went to separate bedrooms, and, of course, their letters didn't match anymore.  So, I repainted them.  This time I used silver spray paint since it was summer, and I could do the painting outside.  Viola!  A really cheap home decor project.  The spray paint route was a lot faster than the craft paint way, but also messier.  Total cost for 36" letters = $3 or $1.50 each (cost of bed frames not included HA!)

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