Monday, February 16, 2015

February Freeze: Spend no Money on Home Decor or Organization

As part of my Choose Less motto for 2015, I decided to challenge myself to a no spend challenge, but, not having done this before, I did not quite realize the amount of preparation that needed to go into a no spend month.  We planned a menu with eating out, did not adequately stock up so we didn't need to shop much for groceries, and forgot to take the runner and candles off the shopping list.  My wonderful husband does the shopping weekly, and I forgot to remove the items, so he went ahead and bought them.  Then the van needed a repair to the tune of $800.

Feeling a bit defeated, I changed the rules after week one.

Rule 1:
- no home decor (other than that runner and candles purchased accidentally)

Rule 2:
- no shopping

I love Amazon, and I have all kinds of plans for our home.  But…Choose Less.

This left me pretty frustrated this past weekend, as I wanted to rush to Lowe's and start buying stuff to get moving on the basement.  Then I wanted to rush out and find some storage solutions for our cavernous linen closet in the main bathroom.  Instead, I stopped, took a breath, and asked myself to change my thinking.

Truthfully, I have plenty of other things around that I can do without spending any money.  I tend to, ehem, stock up to do projects and then sometimes fail to get around to them.  So I started brainstorming ideas.

Here are the no cost organizing and decorating projects I worked on instead:

1) FINALLY finished our kitchen banquette.
2) Moved the office out of our bedroom and into my craft nook.
3) Decorated the playroom with some cute printables from Pinterest.
4) Crafted a solution for an unsightly eye level outlet in my craft nook.
5) Updated a really old and ugly mousepad.
6) Made a chore chart for the kidlets.

Posts for ALL of the above coming in the next few weeks!

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