Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Small Office & Creative Space

Our office area started out in our bedroom, in a closed up armoire.  However, after living with the two spaces for several months it felt inefficient to have my office supplies and computer completely separated from my crafting stuff because when I printed something to use, I found myself running back and forth.

My craft/office space is a small area of the play room.  It measures about 7x7.  Because it's open to the playroom, and directly across from one of the main entrances to our home, it needs to have plenty of closed storage space to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

I was not sure merging the two spaces could be done easily, but I managed to purge enough paper, craft goodies and unused office goods to make it work.

Here's how it functions and what's hidden inside each of the cabinets and drawers.  Am I the only weirdo who wonders that kind of thing when I'm looking at people's spaces?

Maybe it's best not to answer that.

The cabinets have been part of my life for a long while.  They were part of a Lowe's collection, maybe for closet organization?  I've owned them for about nine years, so the specifics elude me.

My Silhouette sits on top.  On the side of the cabinet I have a 3M hook where my paper cutter and the cutting mats for the Silhouette are stored.

The top shelf is sort of random stuff right now.  We have a Welcome box from Disney World, as we are planning a June trip (YAY!), a box of cards, and a Zutter binding machine (which I should probably get rid of).

The bottom shelf has my file holder - the grey box to the side. Then the Sterilite boxes are full of crafty goodness.  The boxes closest to the file box contain - fabric, random supplies, felt and yarn.  The second set contain remnants of my scrapbooking days - glitter & flocking, lots f embellishments, and ribbon.  I dip into these things on occasion, so I've allowed myself to keep them.

Moving to the left, I have a set of drawers from the same collection.  The top drawer contains cheap dollar drawer baskets with adhesives and various tools.

The middle drawer contains more of my leftover scrapbooking stash.  I have drawer dividers in there separating the drawer into three spaces.  Lots of sheets of chipboard, a whole hoarded stash of American Craft Thickers, and even some American Craft rub-ons.  *blush*  I have forced myself to use some of these things lately in my little projects around the house.

The bottom drawer I did not capture in the picture, but it holds my Cuttlebug, glue gun, and my craft size bottles of paint.

Next to the cabinets sits this taller cabinet which was meant to be a kitchen pantry.  It actually did function as such at our last house.  But here, we do not need it, so I was able to move it to my office space.

It's awesome when you can look around and find things like this to repurpose!

The baskets on the top  of the cabinet contain office supplies.  They're right behind my desk, so I can grab the whole basket and drop it on the desk when I'm working, and then move it back when I'm done.

The top shelf has paper and vinyl sheets (in the blue accordion holder).

The middle shelf is my paper supply.

The bottom shelf is my sewing box (courtesy of my grandma), my paper Score Pal for making cards, a few circle makers, and two full boxes of Project Life stuff.  My two younger kids marvel at the multitudes of albums about their older brother.  I stopped scrapbooking when he was about six.  He's eleven now.  So, I have about five full albums about him and none for his siblings.  I guess that's why I keep all of my stuff, because I hope to get back in the creative groove and create some simple albums for the younger two.  Mommy guilt.

Here's the overall look of my little corner which my kids have dubbed Mom's play area.

Above the back counter sits a wall shelf with a few jars of buttons, two boxes of papers (heavier weight for my planner pages in one box and regular printer paper in the other box), and five baskets.  The baskets contain punches, my embossing folders for the Cuttlebug, stamping supplies, and then office goodies like my label maker.

Along side, you can see my sewing machine and the Arc Punch for the planner system I use.

My desk contains one big drawer that runs most of the length of the desk.  I keep most of my most need goodies right there at my fingertips.

The big round basket right next to my desk contains rolls of vinyl and the soft grey blanket that I lay over my lap while I'm working. (I'm always cold.)

So, there you have it, my little 50 square foot corner of heaven.  Small but efficient.  I'd love you to link me up to your little corners of heaven, wherever it is that you love to be in your home.

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