Monday, February 23, 2015

40 Bags in 40 Days: Free printable

Is winter ever going to end?  We are currently on the THIRD day off of school in a row.  We had Thursday, Friday, and now Monday off of school.  The good thing is that today is my middle midget's SIXTH birthday, so we are going to have fun celebrating, again.  AND, I'll have some time today as well to conquer some of the places on my list for the 40 bags challenge.  

Yesterday I posted my progress on the first 25% of the challenge.  Sometimes with a challenge like this, it's easy to make excuses.  Time is one of those commodities that is so hard to come by, especially when you are feeling low on motivation and energy after a long day of working or dealing with the regular maintenance of home and children.

I understand.  After working ten hours a day in my classroom, it's often hard to come home and think about sifting through clutter in addition to getting everything prepared for the next day.  However, we've made great strides in our years of home ownership.  Over the years of decluttering, I find myself keeping less and less, and even buying less and less.  There are true benefits to owning less, which is why the simple living and minimalist movements are growing in size each and every year.

How to plan your project times to stay motivated

Today I offer you a free printable to get started, in case you haven't already.  Rather than just making a list of your projects, I suggest listing the project AND assigning an estimated amount of time you think it will take you to finish.  Be generous with your time estimates.  I would suggest adding 50% more time than you think the project is going to take you.  If you believe cleaning out your cabinets will take 2 hours, estimate 3 on your list.  Why?  If you finish in LESS time, you'll feel psyched up that you managed to finish with so much time left.  BUT, in the opposite realm, if you get two hours in and see an hour left of work, you will feel defeated and less likely to conquer another project as soon.   So, do your motivation level a favor and plan a longer chunk of time than you think will be necessary.

How does this prevent me from procrastinating?

If I feel like not doing ANYTHING, I coerce myself into just choosing a small task.  I pull out my list and look for something that I've estimated at 15-30 minutes.   If it takes me 15 minutes, then I can choose to keep the momentum going by choosing another short task, or I can give myself permission to just be done for the day!

Here's an example of my chart all filled out.  I chose forty areas knowing I'd get at least a small bag for each area, but larger bags in other areas.
FREE 40 Bags Planning Printable

Thanks for visiting!  I'd love to know if the printable is a helpful tool for you!

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