Sunday, February 22, 2015

40 bags in 40 days: the first 10 bags

I think my 40 days may morph in to 50 days (and probably more than 40 bags or boxes).  Ah well, I guess it's really more about the process than the timeline.  I find that it's difficult for me to find the time and energy during week days to devote to this.  

Bags 1 & 2

The first place I tackled was our computer armoire.  It was inconvenient having my office supplies and laptop living in our bedroom and a perfectly awesome desk in the craft room.  Whenever I needed to use the computer, I either knelt at the armoire or took the laptop elsewhere.   I went through all the office supplies and kept only what I had use for.  Now, I can actually sell our computer armoire.  So, I rid myself of one bag of garbage and will sell the armoire as well.  

Bags 3-7

With the armoire cleaned out, I still wasn't quite ready to move.  I needed to make room in my craft area for the office supplies I was taking with me.  I really enjoy being creative, so parting with stuff was hard for me.  Still, I managed to get purge 4 boxes of stuff from my space and a garbage bag full of stuff from my craft space.

Bag 8

As I moved my office gear to its new home, I realized that I probably should go through my files.  I shredded a full kitchen garbage bag full of files!  

Bag 9

Our pantry and freezers were driving me nuts.  It seems like we're wasting more food than we need to, and mostly, it's due to the fact that we are not consulting our food stores before actually menu planning or shopping for the week.  So, I tackled our food storage places.  We had to throw away a whole bag of freezer burnt food and a few stale food things as well. Here's the pantry after it was all organized.  It's almost 23" deep and 4' long, so it's a good amount of space, but it IS hard to utilize it well without losing things within its depths.  The good news is, that I THINK we've devised a plan to tackle the cabinet over spring break.  Stay tuned for a more useful pantry design!  I've found it a pretty common occurrence that as I've cleaned and organized, a new "prettifying" opportunity has revealed itself. 
Bag 10

While I am not done in this particular space, my tenth bag came from taking a closer look at my side of the closet.  Anything that has not been worn in awhile was tossed into a box to be given away.  I came up with a whole box without even opening any drawers or sifting through socks!   (Which means I'll probably have another bag of garbage once I go through those.)  There were items I wasn't so sure about.  Those items on hangers, I turned.  I put the opening of the hanger facing outward towards me.  If by next year they are still sitting that way, out they will go!

I can hardly believe I've already hit 10 BAGS!  One quarter of the way through and I've hardly touched most of my house.  I wasn't even sure I could find 40 bags since we've only lived in this house for 10 months, but now, I think I may be able to double down on the 40 bag challenge.  I guess part of that is because the SIZE of the bag or box doesn't really matter.  If you think of it as emptying 40 places, I think that makes the challenge feel a little more do able.  

What are your results so far?  

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