Tuesday, January 6, 2015

White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I love white kitchen cabinets.  I actually always thought white was boring, but this year I've come to love it as evidenced in the playroom makeover and the fireplace makeover.

So, the cabinets in this house were fine.  They're actually fairly nice cabinets with slide outs and all that jazz.  Much nicer than the off the shelf ones we had at our last house.  The only problem was that I was so over oak cabinets.

I wanted to paint the last set white, but I didn't bother since we were selling.  So, let's take a little before and after tour as the kitchen has evolved this spring to now.

This was the house upon the first inspection.  Excuse the poor quality panoramic from my cell phone.

Then we moved in and started replacing things.  Faucet and lighting followed by the appliances.  The tile floors were decent and neutral, but due to an incorrect install with 1/4" plywood, the tiles started cracking right at the seam of where two pieces met, right in front of the refrigerator.  That was irritating to me, so the floors had to come up.  Removing the tiles and subfloor was by far the WORST home improvement project we did.  It was awful.
This was after the install of the new floor.  Again, it's a bad picture, but I didn't take out the big camera until the after pictures apparently.  I was also toying with having the microwave installed into the cabinet here, which I ultimately decided against.  It's still on the counter and bugs the heck out of me because we don't really have that much counter space.  Granted, the lights are not on in this picture, but you can certainly tell how the floor sucked up the light.  AND, you dan tell the wood tones do not look good together.  Cue the paint.

I went with Behr Alkyd paint tinted to the popular BM White Dove color.  Although I saw where some people swore by liquid sandpaper, I went the harder route actually sanding everything down.  There were renters in this house for many years, and I was doubting many had bothered scrubbing down the cabinets in a yearly spring cleaning ritual.  So, I washed them down with TSP, let them dry, sanded.  If they still seemed gummy, I repeated the process again.  It took a few weeks from start to finish.  I primed with Zinsser, sanded, flipped and repeated.  I was only working with 1 stall of the garage, so I could only paint about 4 doors at a time on my sawhorse and 2x2 set up.  While those were drying, I was scrubbing and sanding the other pieces.

The only thing I did NOT do was caulk the insets.  Oops!  It wasn't anything I even read about until later, but so far we haven't had any cracking problems … yet.

Here it is all done.  I ordered knobs and drawer pulls from Amazon, of course.  The little island came from Kmart, of all places.  It even has a granite top on it.  It's helped a lot with the counter space issue, but I think one a little bigger would be even better.  There's a lot of space for it.
 Total kitchen breakdown:
Appliances:  $2100
Lighting: $210
Island: $170
Chairs: $70
Table: $200
Banquette: $300
Paint & supplies: $70
Hardware: $50

TOTAL: $3270

I would still like to put in a backsplash and change out the countertops due to some water damage at the seam.  However, that's probably a few years down the road.  It looks so much better and brighter and we are ecstatic with the results we achieved for so little money.

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