Saturday, January 31, 2015

Free money or How I'm Saving for Christmas in January

It feels a leetle odd to be plopping a Christmas tree on the blog when it's nearly Valentine's Day.

Today I want to encourage others to score some free money.  This isn't a get rich quick thing; it's more like get some money very slowly.  Hence the Christmas tree.  I am using the following free ways to score some free cash and gift cards for the 2015 Christmas season, which for me, starts about September (when I start shopping).

These are a few free ways to get money for things you already do.

I do a lot of shopping online, so I started using Ebates.  Ebates is a way to get a percentage back on purchases.  Since we buy a lot through sites like Kohl's, I started faithfully using the service again in about October.  I earned about $27 in October and should get a $30 check in February.  I also see Lowe's is available, so my plan is to pay for the basement flooring online, and then pick it up in store earning 4% or about $14 back from Ebates.

Ibotta is another site I started using, just last month.  When you sign up there, you earn coupons, but without the clipping.  Every week, we get something back, although it may sometimes only be
.25 for milk.  All you have to do is click on the products you plan to buy within the Ibotta app, purchase those items, scan the barcodes, and then scan your receipt.  It's quick and easy.  So far I earned $5 in January.

Additionally, I started using the Savings Catcher through Walmart.  While I'd love to ditch the 'Mart, our local grocery is just a wee bit too expensive and our grocery bill is already expensive enough.  Each week after hubby shops, I just open the app and scan the barcode on the receipt.  I actually do this one and Ibotta at the same time.  It searches nearby stores for better prices and refunds the rest back to me.  I started this about 18 weeks ago.  I cashed in like $30 around Christmas, and I have about $24 now.

Finally, we do a lot of shopping through, and we have an Amazon Rewards credit card where we get 3 points back for every dollar spent.  I just put our items on the card, and then go to the Chase site and make a payment.  The points always show on, so we can cash them in whenever.  I think I have the equivalent of $17 right now.

So, right now to wrap up January I have:
Ebates $30
Ibotta $5
Walmart $24
Amazon $17

TOTAL:  $76 - that's pretty good for the end of January!  If I can continue $50 a month plus quarterly Ebates totals, I will have plenty of free money to fund Christmas for next year.

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