Friday, May 2, 2014

One month update

This week marks the one month point of being in our house.  I know we've come so far, but at the same time, there are still so many projects to go.  I've decided to take progress pictures each month so I can document the transformation of the house.

First up, the kitchen.

So far, in the kitchen we've replaced the lights, started the banquette, and replaced the faucet.

By June, when I post the next update, I hope:

* the curtains are up
* the trim work is painted
* the banquette is done
* the new chairs are here
* the new dishwasher is installed
* the new stove and hood are installed
* the ceiling is painted

MAYBE, if all the stars are aligned, we'll also be able to:
* get the floor done
* buy a new fridge
* buy a portable island

 Moving into the least glamorous section of the house…  This is the back hallway which consists of the double pantry area, followed by the mudroom area, followed by the laundry nook.

This is what we are calling the cleaning and utility closet.  We'll probably keep the tools as well as the cleaning supplies in here.  We have another coat closet in the living room, so we really do not need the spot for coats at this time.

We are going to recycle the shelves into a wall-shelving unit for Evan, and we will be installing a Rubbermaid closet organizing system in this closet instead.

The lights there on the left were taken out of the kitchen.  I'm not sure if we will just get rid of those all-together or try to recycle them into the garage.  We are trying to minimize costs of updating as much as possible since we don't know how much the breezeway remodel is going to cost.

So far, in this little three nook section, we have painted, and put new floors in the laundry and mudroom area.  I also started the board and batten/hook and bench area.  I also took the bench we had in our previous house and altered it to fit into the space we have.  It was a few inches too long before.

By June I hope:

* the shelves in the closet are removed
* the closet is painted
* the closet organizer is installed
* baseboards are installed
* trimwork is painted
* the bench is painted
* the board and batten treatment is done

Here's the little mudroom area from the opposite side.

And the little laundry nook…

There's not much that HAS to be done here.  It looks OKAY as it is.  The countertop is a recycled set of bifold doors that got busted where the track runs.  We shaved a bit off and then ran a wall cleat along the wall to hold it up.  Then I used wood filler and filled in the gap where the two doors are joined.

The cabinet was there.  I actually wanted to take it down, but it's like it's drilled into concrete or something.  Immovable.

By June, it would be nice to have the countertop painted, and maybe some "decoration" done in there.

 The Living Room

The living room is coming along despite the list saying it's not very far.  The biggest issues are making furniture coordinate better and that fireplace.  Oh and window treatments which are all ordered.  Most of the furniture will have to wait until summer, although I have some inspiration now to work off of.

By next month:
* new bamboo side blinds installed
* other brown shelf in place
* new closet door installed
* ceiling finished
* bay curtain rod installed
* entry door painted

* side tables painted/stained
* side lamps spruced up

The bathroom was a dark and dungeon like chocolate brown.  It also had super glamorous hollywood lights and no towel rods.

So far, we painted, replaced the lights and door, and added hooks and towel bars for towel storage.

By June I hope:
* to touch up paint
* have the trim painted
* replace the mirror

Xander's room is another one of those rooms that has come a long way, but still has a long way to go as well.  So far we've covered the textured paint at the bottom, covered the sea creatures that were on the wall, replaced the door, and replaced the carpeted floors with laminate.

By June, I hope to:
* have his trim work around the windows and doors finished
* have his ceiling painted
* have more done on the board and batten.
* have the desk brought back

Evan's room is small, so it seems like it would be a fast project, but such a small space has unique challenges of its own.   We need Evan to have as much floor space as possible for playing.  It's actually a bit more "spacious" than it seems…for a room that's only like 8x11.

So far we have painted (since it started out as an orange and black room) and ripped up the gross carpeting.

By next month I hope we:

* have the closet organizer installed
* find the bedskirt to put back on
* come up with a headboard idea
* install corner round
* install wall shelving
* change out valance for curtains

In an ideal world I'd also have time to:
* paint the trim
* hang his artwork
* paint the ceiling
* replace the closet light

Lainey's room is actually the furthest along.  It was in the best shape of all the bedrooms, but we still ripped up the carpeting and replaced it.  Painted, installed a new entrance door and new closet doors and painted all the trim work white.

This room probably won't be a priority in the next month, other than maybe get an organizer for her closet which runs a full nine feet long, so right now it's a pretty inefficient use of space.

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