Sunday, April 27, 2014

It looks like fun on TV...

Almost immediately after we were able to get into our new little house, we started working.  We took time off of work to tear out carpeting from in the house.  We painted.  I bought a miter saw and started putting in laminate floors in the boys rooms (because I was sick of sucking up Legos with the vacuum).

I was a horrible blogging mover because I didn't take a single picture.  I wish I would have at this point because we've been working so hard and feel like there are still a million and twelve things left to do.  Seeing where we started from might have helped that.  

Let me see what I can dig up.
This is the kitchen from the meeting with the inspector.
Here's the breezeway.  Again from the meeting with the inspector, so all of the stuff is from the previous tenants.

This is the laundry nook and area to the right of the entry door.  (previous tenants stuff)  The mudroom area if you will.  It's essentially broken into three little sections: pantry area which is across from the entry door, then this little area to the right.  There's another large closet across from those hooks, and then the laundry area at the back, which is just big enough for a washer/dryer and not much else.  So much for all of those elaborate pins I pinned on Pinterest.  I had hoped to stack our washer/dryer, but the dryer vent is on the opposite side from the water for the washer/dryer.  So, we'd have to do some reconfiguring if we ever want to do that.  Plus, we couldn't get that cabinet out of the wall.  So, that's staying too even though I had other plans.

Anyway, we worked our tails off the whole week before we moved.  One of us came to the house right after work every night and worked until 7:00 or 8:00 while the other person dealt with the kids.  We worked, and worked, and worked.  It takes a lot less time on TV when they have all of those handy carpenters helping out.

We planned to move like April 2 or 3rd, which would have given us several solid days of working before getting our stuff moved in, but we ran into a problem…there were no moving trucks available those days.  Suddenly, our moving date was moved up until the 29th.

We were able to get carpet in, thanks to Home Depot's 72 hour selection.  And we had another teacher from work install an electric outlet for our dryer.  I got floors done in the mudroom/entry area where you see that ratty, peeling linoleum in the above picture.  I got the floors in our oldest's room laid and about 1/2 of the middle son's done.  Then ready or not, in we came.

The whole rest of the week, our Spring Break, we worked 14 hour days trying to get everything in order.   My parents were uber helpful and stayed from Saturday until Wednesday morning helping us out.  The littles went to daycare every day of break, which was hard for them, but necessary for us.

I know we've come a long way, but there's still so much to do.  There are so many partially finished projects around.  Like, Erick painted all the ceilings in the rooms that were getting carpeting before the carpet guys came…but he didn't do any of the cut-ins.  There's still one section of the hall that needs painting.  There's a lot of half painted trim, etc.  And the boxes.  Ugh.

We've been in a month this week, and everything is still coming along slowly.  The master bedroom hasn't been touched.  The breezeway, which needs to be returned to living space before reappraisal, hasn't been touched.  The basement is a disaster of boxes, and we're trying to clear out our rented storage place too, so more boxes return every weekend.

Being back at work is hard because there isn't enough time to get much done in the few hours at night, with evening chores to be done and small children under foot.  Weekends are hard.  We haven't relaxed in like six weeks.  Erick said yesterday that he's beginning to dread weekends.

The reality is, I like painting.  I like trying to make a bad room look better, but trying to do a whole house in a short amount of time while working full time and living in it.  Well, it looks like fun on TV, but that's just because someone else is doing the work.

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