Saturday, January 4, 2014

I've only just begun

In the past, I've created and deleted more blogs than I care to count.  I began blogging when I was an avid scrapbooker, but I really scaled back, err stopped, about 7 years ago...scrapbooking, that is.  I've tried blogging just to keep thoughts straight and it never really stuck with me.  Then I started following every organization, frugality, simplicity, and home blog  a few select blogs and the urge to start again sort of struck me.  I guess because I don't really feel like the niche I'm a part of is well represented.  Why?

Well, I work outside the home so I need quick solutions.  I'm not home during the day to work on sweet projects, but that doesn't mean I am not trying to organize, simplify and create a better life as I go.  I'm often frustrated that frugality = doing everything from scratch.  Hmm...I can't ARGUE with it, but my time is pretty precious.  I have three children (and all the laundry and toy cleanup that comes with that), a full time teaching job (secondary English which requires loads of both planning and grading), and an overwhelming desire to sell everything in my house AND my house and start over again.  Mostly because we've outgrown our 1450 sq. foot basementless home.    Well, that part's no longer true because we moved!  

So, these are my thoughts, struggles and documentation.  These are the ways I am making little changes to make our little house a home, to organize the chaos, to simplify as much as I can, and make memories in the process.  I crave simplicity...someday I will overcome the chaos.

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