Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In case you've been hiding out in Antarctica, you probably have heard that we're in the middle of a Polar Vortex here in the Midwest.  P.S.  Antarctica, you can have your weather back now.  P.S.S.  Some more equator like weather would be welcomed to sail North.  We're currently riding out the "feels like" temperatures of -30 by hiding out inside.   I took a picture of Nerfy the snowman and even he looks cold.  Why not Frosty?  Well, because his buttons are Nerf disks and his nose is from one of the Nerf bow and arrow sets.   No sign of him melting anytime soon, that's for sure.

We're currently enjoying day 18 home together as a family.  All of us.  Together.  It's been mostly great, but the kids are ready to get back into a schedule.  I'm pretty worried about tomorrow's alarm clock myself.

Being inside so much in the winter doesn't bother me too much, honestly.  I'm pretty excited to participate in Apartment Therapy's January Cure this year.

Our house has been on the market now for just over a year and a half.  I spent the greater part of that time scheming and researching how to ditch this house ASAP.   Now, I'm just ready to put a *leetle* bit more love and time into it.  I'm working on fixing up a few things that have bothered ME the last several years.  Since the market isn't exactly hot here in Northern Michigan in January, my plan is to give our little house some love over the next few months.  When buying season rolls around in April, the house will be shiny and new looking for potential buyers.  Some people, my husband included, have asked me why bother putting anything else into it.  My reasoning right now is that I'm thinking of this place as a practice pad at this point.  I'm going to try out my DIY skills and some new products.  If they work out, GREAT!  If not, well, we're not staying much longer anyway.  At least I'll have some new skills headed into our next home.

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